Saturday, 22 October 2016

An introduction and the perils of pregnancy.


First and foremost, your not alone. 

That is the most important aim of this "Bump and Beyond" section. For you all to know that your not alone. In whatever is going on in your life, be guaranteed that there's someone, somewhere going through the same. When I'm feeling really down, I always tell myself that all over the world, there's better people in worse situations.
That usually gets me off my arse and out of whatever hole I'm in. This section is about everything it takes to be a mother. Its hard as f**k, but nobody talks about that stuff. Of course there is sunshine and rainbows and new baby smells, but there is so much more that nobody prepares you for. And that's what I'm here for. An honest account of bumps and beyond. There will be no holes barred (literally), and there is nothing that wont be unleashed over the coming months. Women need to be there for each other, for hugs and rants and everything in between. If I can pick one person up who feels alone by sharing my own experiences, then my mission is well underway..

However, I do think there is one situation where we are all entitled to as much self pity as we feel is needed, and an entitlement to spend as many days in the same pair of pyjamas, covered in food stains, as we bloody well want. That is my friends, PREGNANCY. Yes, being pregnant is the biggest roller coaster you will ever ride in your entire life span. It doesn't matter how many times you get on, each ride will be as murderous as the first. And, there is one person in your life who bears the blunt of your pure evil during the 9 months of you harbouring the child, Your husband. No matter how much you love him, and how much you love to spend time with him, this changes, instantly! It changes dramatically. Like "I want to crawl under your skin and live there so i can always be with you", to "I am sitting here dreaming about shaving your face off with a blunt razor, asshole", in the blink of an eye. Not even a full blink, half a blink, a nanosecond....Whatever they do is irritating. Whatever they say is irritating.

Yes ladies, we are all sailing the same ship...You are not alone. Pregnant ladies, I feel you. Ladies planning a family, you need to know this shit so you can be prepared...I mean really! Birth is the easy part for you. The strain on your own sanity is the ultimate test!
Fact...When growing a human, a woman's tolerance level completely goes to shite.
Most people know this, right? Yes, most people that are other women! So, talk to women. Never try to explain to a man what this process is like for you. He's not listening! He's watching the telly with his side eye, and when he gives you the blank stare (which I guarantee he will), this is only going to send you storming out and being left crying in your car, alone, for the following hour.

Upon your dramatic return to the house, you will be met with..."Is your hormones playing up?"
BOOM......This is the beyond a doubt the most vicious question a man can ask. Run, run as fast as you can because each time your "hormones" are questioned, the risk of a massacre gets higher.
Ladies, lock yourself in the bathroom pretending to pee/shower, with a large dairy milk in hand to help calm your fit of rage because you know so, so well that if you fail to barricade yourself into a small space, someone might just loose a limb or in fact, a whole head. And that someone ain't gonna be.

When you come shuffling from your hiding place of choice, take a deep breath. He will be on you like ...
"Do you need to have an early night? Come on, ill go to bed too."
Emmmmm, no thanks pal!! I know what your early night means and it's not happening here. I have to lie in bed all night being prodded from the inside. Being prodded from the outside as well, may just push me over the edge.
Then you"ll go off somewhere else and have another cry. Because that's what you do. It's all you do.

Cry people. Cry as much, as hard and as often as you like, for absolutely no reason.  Let it out. Eat as much chocolate or peanuts or coal as you crave. And breath, remember to breath. Your overwhelmed..., your overtired..., but your going to be ok.

Lisa @ PinkSugar x
Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 Faves From Fuschia..

I am delving into my Autumn colour's majorly at the minute.
Darker bases and deeper eye/lip shades make Winter my favorite time of the year for makeup play.
One brand that I have been playing around with quite a bit this year is Fuschia makeup. With a store right on my doorstop, it's just too easy to go in and swatch their lovliness at every opportunity. 

I also launched a giveaway on my Facebook page recently, in which i asked my followers to name their one beauty product that they just cant be without, and was delighted to see Fuschia mentioned a million times. So, Iv'e compelled a top 5 of my own Fuschia favorites that I, myself cant be without. 
Here goes...

1. Mineral Powder Foundation in "Toffee".
These silky mineral powders brush onto the skin, and can be easily built up to the level of coverage that you require. My favorite thing about these powders is the dewy finish that they leave. The skin looks fresh and the powder feels so light. I wear this alone during the day, and over a full coverage foundation going out at night.  

2. Boom Brow in "Deep Brunette".
What can I say except get it right now, if you haven't tried it already! Creamy, smudge proof and glides over the brows with complete ease. I absolutely adore this product. I have literally tried a hundred brow products and this one is the best by a million miles.

3. Advanced Long Wear Concealer in "Medium Light".
My skin is in absolute shreds at the minute so this is my ultimate must have. Completely covers dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation spots (which i have so much of). And, most importantly it does not crease or slide off the skin. This product also makes my job as a makeup artist a whole lot easier. Everyone wants that flawless, fresh base so before you look to foundations, nab this wonder product. 

4. Pro Collection Palettes.
In a nutshell, the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
Magnetic palette to store all your favorite shades of everything. My shadow collection is growing at a rapid rate in these pretty pink palettes. My top 3 shadows are;
Iman- A shimmery purple with a cranberry undertone. 
Matilda- A rich chocolate brown with a slight shimmer.
Pennies From Heaven- Rich copper. Perfect for blending out any shade or fab on the lid with a bold black liner. 

5. Setting Spray.
A super light, moisturising mist that holds your makeup in place for hours on end. And it smells like baby powder, bonus!

Lisa @ PinkSugar. x

Check out the full Fuschia range at

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Yonka Eau Micellaire

First review of the week goes to Yonka Eau Micellaire.
In truth, I haven't dabbled too much in the Yonka range to date as I found it all a bit confusing. What I have tried before now was their Ambre Soothing Massage Oil Candle which I absolutely adore. 

Anyway, about 2 months ago I was sent a bottle of the Eau Micellaire to give it a whirl, and give it a whirl I did.

Micellaire water has become all the rage over the last year, but funnily enough I had never tried it. I've always been a baby wipe by day/cream cleanser in the shower kind of girl. Shame on me! 

I did get stuck into this product straight away though, as my skin was in absolute shreds from changing my regular skincare brand and I do wear a lot of makeup for work which did not help matters at all. 

I was hooked from the first swipe...

This cleanser can be used on face, lips and eyes so the aggravation level if you hit the wrong spot is nada! No burning around the eyes or stinging on the sensitive areas of the face, 
With ingredients like sea lavender, chamomile and mint oils and stem extract, it is super, super soothing on the skin. Truly beautiful! So beautiful, in fact, that I have repurchased twice now. This product is so refreshing, I would put makeup on just to remove it!!
I am researching the full Yonka range at the minute, and look forward to a little spree on payday to try out some more products from this fabulous brand.

Lisa @ PinkSugar x


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